We currently have a staff of over 20 professionals and serve between 80-100 patients throughout the region each week.
Spectrum Review Services (SRS) offers a broad variety of medical review services for insurers and claim management entities. Unlike other review businesses, Spectrum distinguishes itself through highly personalized service. When you call Spectrum, your first response will never be a machine. Instead, your interactions with us will be highly personal and tailored to suit your particular medical management needs.
Members of the Spectrum Review team include specially trained nurses and physicians. Peer review physicians have been recruited nationally from private practices as independent contractors so that they may offer specialized, physician-to-physician case review for cases not meeting widely accepted national ISSI type criteria.
Recognizing this need Spectrum Review Services (SRS) was created in 1990 by a group of healthcare professionals responding to the need for a level of oversight which balances the needs of its clients with those of the client’s patients and providers. SRS believes that healthcare must be tempered by a caring staff of professionals who understand what they do has a direct and personal impact on people.
Spectrum prides itself on its innovative, creative solutions for managing health care costs. It has maintained excellent programs of Hospital Admission Review, Outpatient Surgery Review, Large Case Management, and Health Wellness & Support Program such as, High Risk Pregnancy Screening, and Expectrum, SRS' prenatal program. 
Our Disease Management Program has been established for several years now which is designed to closely monitor ongoing care and treatment of people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or asthma. Working closely with patients, Spectrum’s nurses can help reduce the need for acute care, such as hospitalizations or emergency room visits.
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