The Health Wellness and Support Program of Spectrum Review Services, Inc. (SRS) is designed to improve and maintain the health of your Company by supplying the tools to effect change in the health and ongoing well being of your employees.

The Health Wellness and Support Program helps Companies identify and then reduce health risks of employees through a broad spectrum of programs and services.  This approach will enhance the health status of employees and, by so doing, reduce the cost of your healthcare expenses.  Through our program we can identify risk and tailor a program of intervention to ensure a successful result. 

Why Do You Need a
Corporate Wellness and Support Program?
We know that the health of business in many ways is impacted by the health of its people.  Consider this: Absenteeism costs U.S. Businesses $30 billion per year.  Employees with four to five health risk factors have four times the medical expenses, while those with six or more have eight times the medical costs.

A healthy workforce means improved productivity, lower absenteeism rates and reduced use of health benefits.

Companies of all sizes have found it smarter to invest a little time and money in the health of their employees. This investment will result in reduced healthcare expenses, while at the same time improving the productivity and morale of their employees.  In today’s healthcare marketplace, it is vital that businesses do what it takes to improve and maintain the health and morale of its employees.

How Does the Program Work?

For the program to be successful we must have the full support and commitment of the senior management staff.  Everyone must understand that a Wellness and Support Program can provide a positive result for the individual employee at risk and the company overall.

We start by having each employee and covered family member complete a confidential Health Risk Appraisal form which is a survey of health status as well as safety.  The results are matched against normative data to determine a health risk score for the individual and the company.  From the quantitative results of the HRA, high-risk areas are identified and a customized program is designed to work where most needed.

The unique aspect of our program is the ability to recommend employees with chronic disease, such as diabetes to the SRS Chronic Disease Management Program. (Contact SRS for details of this important program).  One of  our experienced nurses will work directly with the employee, family and physician to maximize treatment options.  Close communication with the patient, family and healthcare providers is an integral part of the Program.

We have also created the Nurse Health Coach who can work closely with people who need medical information and emotional support to provide the best chance of a successful outcome for their health goals.

Based upon the targeted needs of the company, we will design and make available educational material for employees.  Such information and educational material may focus on positive working relationships and teamwork, or how to strike a good balance between home and work.  Other areas might be how to relieve stress in the workplace or at home. 

What Should The Results Be?

The success of the program is measured by:

·Improved Productivity
 Reduced Health & Workers Comp. Claims
 Reduced Sick Leave & Absenteeism
 Improved Employee Morale
 Reduced Use of Health Benefits
 Improved Employee Loyalty 

Our Services
Health Risk Appraisals & Educational Materials:

This simple questionnaire assesses your employees’ lifestyle habits and medical history to best determine programs to help your workforce reach its health goals.  It also assesses the readiness of a person to change.  Included are related educational materials and a quarterly newsletter available online at our website: www.spectrumreview.com

SRS produces a quantified confidential report to the employer of the health status of the company.  Individual results may be provided to employees and family members as requested by them.

Nurse Health Coaching:

SRS provides nursing professionals to assist individuals who desire “coachingâ€? to achieve their personal wellness goals.  This “coaching and accountabilityâ€? program adds to the success of individuals who desire lifelong changes to achieve their wellness goals. 

Educational Materials:

Health and Wellness Education Materials

Spectrum Review Service's (SRS), Health Wellness and Support Program offers a wide variety of educational materials designed to improve the health of your work force.  Topics i 
 Women’s/Men’s Health Issues
 Disease Prevention
 Safety at Home & Work
 Balancing Work & Home
 Weight Loss
 Smoking Cessation
· Back Care
  Stress Reduction

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