Introducing Expectrum:
A Maternity Wellness Program
Our Maternity Wellness Program “EXPECTRUM” is designed to improve pregnancy outcomes, reduce neonatal hospitalizations, and reduce costs associated with complications of pregnancy.  It is recommended that this program works best in conjunction with Spectrum’s Utilization Management Program to identify new pregnancy cases or through an analysis of Benefit Administrator’s or Insurance Company's outpatient data.
All expectant mothers who are part of Spectrum’s Hospital Management Program should notify Spectrum Review within their 1st trimester of their pregnancy in order to initiate the Expectrum Program.
Immediately upon notification of the impending delivery, an Expectrum nurse will initiate the maternity wellness program for the mother-to-be.  The nurse will get in touch with the attending physician for a complete screening and history of the patient.
Telephonic risk assessment upon notification of impending delivery to include but not limited to:
*Detailed Medical History
*Environmental Assessment
*Dietary & Lifestyle Assessment
*Demographics & Family History
*Alcohol & Tobacco Assessment
Educational pamphlets which covering the first trimester of a pregnancy including conception and fetal development, prenatal visits and tests, diet and exercise, and easing discomfort.  These tools also provide answers to common questions about, “Your First Trimester,” “Be Good to Your Baby Before It is Born,” “Men Have Babies Too,” “Eating for Two,” “Stress & Pregnancy Information,” and “Ultrasound Information”.
At 28-week assessment and/or if the patient is identified as having premature labor/contractions, the patient will be sent:  “Premature Labor,” “Learning to be Apart,” “Notes for Partners,” and a welcome home gift for all new arrivals will be sent to all newborns.
All Expectrum participants will also be supplied with the listed information if identified with the accompanying RISK:  Topics include, Tobacco Use, Alcohol Use, Diabetes, Over 35 years, Rh Factor, and Group B Strep.
If during discussions with the Expectrum participant’s physician amniocentesis is planned, the participant will be supplied with “Amniocentesis Information Sheet”.  This pamphlet will explain what Amniocentesis is and how it can identify possible problems with the fetus.
At anytime during the pregnancy a patient is identified as “HIGH RISK’ (multiple complications or risk factors) the Expectrum participant would be referred to Spectrum’s High Risk Maternity Case Management (HRMCM) which is not included in this program.
Prior to beginning the second trimester, the Expectrum participant will be supplied with “Your Second Trimester” explaining the following; Fetal Growth & Emotional Changes in Mothers,” “Prenatal Visits & Tests,” “Adapting Lifestyle & Behavior to Advancing Pregnancy,” “Nutrition, Weight Management,” and “Exercise, Easing Discomforts”.
Prior to the third trimester participants will be supplied with “Your Third Trimester,” a guide.  They will also receive “Your Baby’s First Weeks”.
Following a normal deliver the mother will be sent; “Newborn Care,” and an illustrated guide for first-time mothers on how to care for the newborn.  Topics covered range from feeding and bathing to breast feeding and medical checkups and vaccinations.
Benefit payers are kept abreast by regular reports from our nurses who provide information as to current and projected medical status, treatment plans and alternative methods for cost-effective treatment modalities. 
Information shall be provided of any potential medical problems along with a suggested treatment plan to minimize impact to the mother, fetus and Plan sponsor.
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